• The importance of customer service
  • Delivering results through people
  • We are a customer focused training organisation

We offer professional training sessions for your Reception, Secretaries and Administration staff. We can also offer support to Practices, Hospitals and the Out of Hours Service, aiming to achieve a better all round understanding of everyone's role in the Healthcare sector. Our training courses are flexible, in terms of schedule, duration and contact and we will tailor to your needs.

Teamwork is essential. Well trained staff are more confident and therefore do a better job.

We focus on measuring progress, challenging assumptions, broaden thinking and reflection on personal experiences. Our aim is to give your Receptionists, Secretaries and Administrators a better understanding of their role and their responsibilities and to support them through the correct procedures working in a busy Reception / Office environment. Your Admin staff are the ambassadors of your organisation, they will give an impression the moment they answer the phone or greet a patient or visitor at the front desk. Get it right and its gives a good impression - getting it wrong is just not acceptable.

We believe in investing in quality training for your staff. Well Trained staff are more aware, have a finer understanding of customer / patient needs and provide a better service which will in turn fuel Customer / Patient loyalty as well as staff loyalty.

A guide to our training courses:

Receptionist Training - 1/2 and 1 day courses

Telephone Skills - 1/2 Day Course

Confidentiality 1/2 day Course

Communication Skills 1/2 day Course

Team Building 1/2 day Course

Supervisor / Team Leader Training 1/2 day and 1 day course

Dealing with difficult situations 1/2 day Course

Disability Awareness 1/2 and 1 day course

Basic Health and Safety in Reception 1/2 day course

Social Media Awareness in the Work place Incorporated in a 1 day courses

All Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance on the day

New Receptionists Training
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Receptionists Training
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Confidentiality Training
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Telephone Skills Training
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Disability Awareness Training
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customer Care Training
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Difficult Situations Training
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Communication Skills Training
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Team Leader Training
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